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Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Bikini, Boyshorts, Brazilian, Briefs, Cheekies, G-String, Garters, Hiphuggers, Information, Panties, Panty Awareness, Thong | 0 comments

Types of Panties: What panties fit men best?

Types of Panties: What panties fit men best?

Sizing and style must be kept in mind when selecting panties for men. Likewise, many panties are not made with the full support to carry a man, however, that is not true for all panties. For men, some fabrics tend to stretch more than others, leaving panties stretched out and loose after only wearing them a few times. Panties such as the Victoria’s Secret Lace-Waist, while very comfortable, at the same time will stretch very easily around the waist, leaving them loose and droopy very quickly. Alternatively, the Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria Hiphugger Panty is more durable and does not suffer this same problem.

We’ve put together a list for men who are curious or interested in learning more about panties. This may be useful when shopping for the first time to ensure you are purchasing something that fits you properly. Regardless, it may be more fun to just try different styles until you find something you like. :)

The most common types of panties include:

 - Panties For Men - Panties Are Sexy

Various Panties

  • Thongs – These often feel really sexy as there is minimal coverage but just enough to hide your important man bits. Most of the time these will fit a man, however, keep in mind to go one size up (use this as a rule for all panties). If you’re a medium in men’s size, a large might fit you better. If you’re a small in men’s, it might be best to choose a medium in women’s size.
  • Bikinis – These type of panties are often low-rise with medium coverage. Generally there is minimal coverage on the side, coverage on the bum, and low-rise coverage on the front. Most of the time these will fit a man fairly well, however, sometimes the coverage on the front will allow a man’s stuff to slip out to the side. Nonetheless, they can be very sexy to wear and a personal favorite.
  • Cheekies – This type of panty often will show a little bit more of your bum than a bikini panty will. The name “Cheekie” implies that more of your rear cheeks will be seen. These panties may help to shape and show your cheek. They are low cut but can feel and look very sexy.
  • Brazilian – Very similar to a cheeky panty, brazilian panties are low cut in the front, high cut sides, and medium back coverage. Brazilian panties will often show some cheek.
  • Briefs – Generally providing full coverage of the front and back, this type of panty is high-rise and likely provides the most coverage of all the types of panties. These are generally pretty good at keeping your stuff within the panties and not falling out.
  • Hiphuggers / Hipsters – Often medium to low rise and offer full back coverage.
  • G-String (Victoria’s Secret likes to call these “V-String”) – Similar to thongs, with less fabric, these usually only provide coverage of the front with only string or lace between your legs and up to your lower back. G-Strings often feel very sexy and are great for showing off your cheeks as there is no coverage of your back cheeks with this type of panty.
  • Boyshorts – These resemble boxer briefs in a way. They are square cut, provide full back and front coverage in most cases. Sometimes these types of panties may result in man’s stuff falling out if the material is too thin between the legs without strong enough band support to hold the material in place.
  • Garters – Generally used to hold stockings from rolling down your legs. A garter will keep any sort of stocking or panty hose from falling down by clamping onto the top holding them in place.

Things to consider when choosing panties;

  • When looking/buying, consider that in the design phase of these panties, unfortunately men with testicles were not thought of as the intended wearer. With that said, you may find some panties do not fully carry your package and you may pop out from time to time. Likewise, your testies may slip out depending on how large they are. The best way to overcome this is to simply look for panties that have more coverage between your thighs – or panties that have tighter bands that wrap around your legs to keep things in place.
  • Depending on how comfortable you are with people knowing you wear panties, thongs and g-strings will usually show when you bend over if they are riding too high.
  • You get what you pay for – in other words, the 5 to 7 for under $30 that lingerie stores offer (VS, La Senza, etc) these panties – while super sexy many times – often will not provide as much secure coverage as the more expensive panties (in terms of holding your  male stuff in place). For example, la Vie en Rose offers a Brazilian panty made from lace. While this panty can range from $15-$25 depending on whether you get it on sale, the fabric feels more secure with less worry of your special guy popping out. Alternatively, some (but not all!) of the cheaper 100% cotton fabric panties will stretch and wear fairly quickly.
  • Don’t be shy or nervous when going into a store, you have nothing to worry about! If you are nervous, just take a deep breath, tell yourself there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself panties (because there isnt!) and go for it! If you are not comfortable with people knowing you wear panties, do not worry, the people at the store are likely to think it is for your girlfriend / wife. If they ask you who you are purchasing for, you can either say your girlfriend/wife, or if you are confident and don’t mind other people knowing you wear them, you can simply say they are for you. Likewise, if a store associate approaches offering to help, you can simply tell them you want to look around and will call for assistance if you need help – they’ll usually leave you alone at this point. More times than not the girls at the store will be happy to help you even if they know they’re for you. You may even see other guys there buying for themselves or for their partner. Keep in mind that stores like Victoria’s Secret were originally made for men! So feel confident and don’t worry! It can be very fun and exciting to see and pick what you like in store! For those without lingerie or underwear stores close by, the internet also works!

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